New to skydiving in Los Angeles? Don't worry, we've got you covered!


1. Start by making your sky diving reservation online.

2. Plan to arrive about ten minutes early to fill out your paperwork before your class starts.

3. Classes are 4-6 people and include up to 30 minutes of pre-flight instruction.

4. Your instructor will help you gear up and safely board the plane by walking behind the plane and away from the propellers

5. The door opens up to two miles high and you hear "READY, SET, GO!!!" Remember to smile for your 120 mph, 40 second freefall video!

6. When your parachute opens, you feel the wind stop and peacefully float down from 5000'. Your parachute ride lasts about 7 minutes.

7. It generally takes 2 hours to complete a class and make your first jump but we may adjust your schedule for weather.

8. Tandem sky diving means you are harnessed to a certified sky dive instructor and you jump together.

9. You can get certified. Our Accelerated Freefall Program (AFP) prepares you for your first solo dive.

10. Advanced divers can practice belly flying, freeflying (vertical flying), skyboarding and even the new birdman suit.

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