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"Loved it! Lots of fun, and this just started my skydiving adventures! WARNING-- Highly addictive, you will want to go back again and again." --Google user

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Photo of Killer B.

Killer B.
Sherman Oaks, CA

yelp 5-star review

What can I say?! First time jumping and somehow I wasn't nervous. The staff was excellent! We jumped on 5/26 and I'm already itching to go back. Was hesitant on buying the video cuz let's face it, that much $$ for a few seconds. Man am I glad I did. Editing was ok but to capture your first time is priceless. I've watched it more than a few times as well as showed all my friends/family.  The turd bird looked ratty which made the experience that much more! I will be back! Thanks to all there!

Photo of B W. 

Lancaster, CA

Ever since I was a young child I have been into everything extreme...and I mean EVERYTHING. This place far surpassed my expectations for an experience like this!!! The staff was amazing, helpful, and extremely chill. They made me feel like I was literally tandem with long time friends, their love for the sport truly shows and their passion is contagious!

The one thing you should expect is the jokes... I asked them to take a picture of me and my girlfriend and they obliged, and said "say fiery plane crash on 3!!" which I found to be hilarious, because I share that same smart-assed attitude. Then again if you can't take those jokes you don't belong on a plane purposely trying to jump out... Lol

The jokes however do NOT mean they lack safety... They check, and double check every chute before take off, and they answered every question I had and explained everything to a T.

Very enjoyable time!!! You are about 8 miles from the beach when you jump, and this gives you an amazing view of the ocean and surrounding mountains alike. So surreal and yet such an adrenaline adventure!!

Very friendly, very professional, very knowledgeable.... I am definitely going back and doing it again soon!!!

Photo of Nick J. 

Nick J.
Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

There is no high like skydiving!

Full disclosure: I was just a spectator this time. But I was involved in everything but the actual jump.


We were immediately met with warm smiles and the classic TGIF show "Dinosaurs" streaming through Netflix when we arrived. I instantly knew this was going to be a good experience. We had about 10 minute wait wile the two instructors wrapped up their last jump and repacked their parachutes. From there, my bf and his friend started putting on their harnesses and receiving the "do this, don't do that" speech.


My experience jumping near Camp Pendleton took infinitely longer and was just as useless. I didn't remember anything the second I jumped out of the plane. In total, my bf and his friend were strapped in and up in the air about 30 minutes after we arrived.

The two instructors were awesome and definitely helped quell any nervousness. Again, I can't speak to the jump but I know the bf had a blast. I could actually hear him screaming on the way down... then laughing. I should note that we had to drive to a separate location about 7 miles away for the landing zone. Not what I anticipated, but NBD.

Everyone landed safely. They did a great job on the video. The instructors actually have a camera attached to their wrists, so they capture the whole thing.

Overall, it was great experience for everyone and I would definitely recommend Skydive Coastal California to friends =)

Don't forget to tip your instructor!!

Photo of Blaire A. 

Blaire A.

...We got in the plane! About a 10-15 minute flight and then my instructor, Michael, asks me if I'm ready. I was like I guess!! He tells me to push the door open and there was no turning back! The feeling is so surreal. Everyone asks me how it felt but I just don't know how to describe it. It was so awesome and amazing. The first few minutes you're zooming down but once you open the parachute, its so relaxing! Michael even let me control the parachute for a while. It was such a great experience! I couldn't believe I did it. I'm so glad I went through with it!!

Advice to those contemplating on skydiving and not sure if you should or not, I say do it. You only live once. :) Yes its quite pricey but its a once in a lifetime experience. Also if you're not sure about your safety, I felt 100% safe with these guys. If I were to ever do this crazy thing again..it'd only be with them! Haha.

Photo of Courtney M.

Courtney M.
Venice, CA

Seriously so fun! I had a blast with the instructor I went with! Michael Craig! He was amazing and made me feel at ease! :) I would recommend him to anyone going skydiving here.

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