Michael Craig

Manager and USPA Safety and Training Advisor

Total number of jumps: 2400+

Average jumps per year: 1000
Year started skydiving: 2002

My favorite places to skydive other than Skydive Coastal California in LA: Skydive Harbor Springs, In Northern Michigan is my home dropzone. The views over Lake Michigan are amazing.


Where I like to go in the community when not instructing: 
Emmawood State Beach, C- Street, Palermo Coffee, Ortiz Taco Time, Libbey Bowl, The Farmer and the Cook, Any movie theater, Horn Creek Canyon, Vertical Heaven Climbing Gym, Arigato Sushi and so on. If it’s outdoors or tastes good I’m into it.

My hobbies other than skydiving: 
Surfing, climbing, hiking, running with my dogs and finding good food.

Favorite skydiving discipline: 
Freeflying, tracking, and formation are all a ton of fun.

Largest formation skydive: 42 way

Most jumps in one day: 32 skydives over Beaver Island in Lake Michigan.

Why I like to instruct skydiving:
Everyday I get to help people go through a potentially terrifying experience and help them to overcome there fear. Each student and each skydive are unique which means my job is never the same two days in a row. Plus I get to jump out of planes EVERYDAY!

Why I like jumping at Skydive Coastal California: 
The Dropzone staff is fantastic, they make my job easy and fun. We have a lot of fun at work and do a really good job of looking out for each other and our students. The wide variety of people we get to encounter living and working in Southern California is an amazing bonus. Plus you can’t really beat the view of the SoCal coastline and the Channel Islands.

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