Jamie Crawford


Average jumps per year - 1000

Year started skydiving - 2005

Favorite places to skydive other than LA and SoCal - Hawaii, Colorado, Arizona.

Other hobbies - motorcycles, surfing, slack lining, hiking, camping, urban exploring, sarcasm.

Favorite skydiving discipline - Wingsuit flying

Largest formation dive - 22

Most jumps in one day - 19

Why I like being an instructor - I love being able to be a part of such a unique and fear facing experience when someone jumps out of a plane for the first time. I love being in the sky, and seeing our customers so stoked after a jump makes my day!

Why I like jumping at Skydive Coastal California - We have a great crew, top of the line gear, awesome plane, great sense of humor, and we fully encourage fun!!!

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