Skydiving Airplane Pilot

Total flying hours: Over 1800

Year started flying: First flight at 3 weeks old, have had commercial license since 2010

My favorite place to fly other than LA CA: Oregon

Where I like to go in the community when not flying: Vertical Heaven, Anacapa Brewery, Ventura Theater, Venice beach, C-Street, Killer B's in Santa Barbara, Ventura Harbor, Olive Garden


My hobbies other than flying: Surfing, rock climbing, sailing, running, hiking, finding new areas to explore

Countries I have flown in: USA - back and forth across the country, Mexico and Canada

Favorite airplane: My Cessna 150, named Pumpkin

Largest flying formation: 5 planes

Most sky diver loads in one day: 24

Why I like to fly skydivers: Flying skydivers is a rush and every flight is different.

Why I like flying at Skydive Coastal California: The views are amazing!

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