Dan "Momy" McCullough

Parachute Packer

Average packs per month: 250

Year started: First tandem skydive was in 2006. Packing since Feb. 2011

My favorite place to skydive other than LA: Off Grant Park!

Where I like to go in the community when not packing: When I'm not packing parachutes for these awesome instructors, I'm frequently at the beach checking the local surf at C-street or driving up to Big Bear / Snow Summit or Mt. Baldy for a day of skiing. Downtown Ventura has some good local food like Zoeys Cafe, Anacapa Brewery, Surf Brew, Sicily, Dargan's, Bombay's, concerts at Ventura theatre.

My hobbies other than skydiving: Surfing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Speed flying, hiking, disc golf

Best High-Five to date: Brendon Alexander gave me one that I believe made me deaf to the tone of that clap. I dare someone to top it.

Most packs in one day: Leading number is 42. Topped 100 parachutes that week.

Why I like to pack parachutes: I don't need a gym pass anymore

Why I like packing at Skydive Coastal California: 
The people are great, the weather is phenomenal year round, and I can continue to pursue a college degree while working.

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