Brendon Alexander


Total number of jumps: 7600+

Average jumps per year: 1000

Year started skydiving: 1998

My favorite places  to skydive other than Los Angeles:
Too many to list but my home dropzone Skydive Wayne County in Richmond IN is in my top 3 even though it isn't there anymore. Skydive City Z-hills FL and Skydive America Pahokee FL were great times as well.


Where I like to go in the community when not instructing:  Ventura theater, Gibson Amphitheater, Hollywood bowl, Santa Barbara bowl, Granada Theater, Staples center, Sans Souci cocktail lounge, pretty much any live music venue. Six Flags, Universal Studios, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm,  Sea World, Hollywood, etc.

My hobbies other than skydiving: Speedflying, Paragliding, Disc golf, Learning to surf, Skiing, Hiking, Flying R/C airplanes gliders and helicopters, Shooting guns. Just name a few

Countries I have jumped in: Only the great U.S. of A. so far

Favorite skydiving discipline: Canopy piloting/swooping and freeflying

Largest formation skydive: 22 way RW, 14 way Vertical

Most jumps in one day: 21

Why I like to instruct skydiving: 
Being a skydiving instructor allows you to give someone an experience that most people on the planet have never tried. It is very rewarding and it doesn’t feel like work.

Why I like jumping at Skydive Coastal California: 
Skydive Coastal California is a great group of like minded people that love what they do and have a great time at work. All of us there share the similar hobbies and even after the prop stops we are enjoying life and pushing the limits of our other hobbies! It has a great view, location, and It allows me to live near the beach. Score

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